Marketing Intern

January - April 2020 • Washington, DC

What I liked

The Work: This was a very hands-on internship. My colleagues and supervisor trusted my ability to work independently. I was never micromanaged. My opinion mattered; no matter whether I was specifically asked for it or offered it myself, I always felt listened to and appreciated. I was able to place orders for clients and speak with them one-on-one. Though I was nervous at first, the marketing team assured me they had full confidence in my ability to speak with clients without supervision (via email or phone). For this, I was very grateful. The projects were multidisciplinary and I was able to develop an interest in each one. The Leadership: The agency is women-led and operates along the lines of horizontal leadership. As a result, office communication tended to be informal and that nurtured a positive work environment where everyone felt able to share their thoughts and opinions on different projects or ask for help from one another. Collaboration was a strong component of the internship and I really thrived from that. My supervisor was also diligent about making sure that I was getting what I wanted out of my time at Brllnt. We set up bimonthly, sit-down meetings where we went over my goals or things I wanted to change about my work and she always followed through on making sure to support me in that. Brllnt cares about its interns' experience on the job. The Vibe: The office is on the smaller side, but it is beautiful. The interior design of the office is fun and relaxing, yet still professional. It's also dog-friendly. Everyone is amicable and I felt comfortable speaking about non-work related topics with my coworkers. It was fun!

What I wish was different

I wish I had been able to have more time there. My internship at Brllnt had to be cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, it would have been nice to develop more hard/technical skills like learning more about Adobe Suite and SEO softwares.


I would recommend for anyone interested in interning at Brllnt to be organized with their application and to go the extra mile to display interest in the position. I would also recommend that those that apply for this internship are the kind of people that are ready to collaborate and contribute to team efforts. This isn't the kind of internship where you will be stuck in the corner and called upon; you will be challenged to engage in team meetings and offer insightful/helpful input, so stay current on marketing trends. You want to constantly have something to offer the conversation, don't stand idly waiting to be told what to do; be a self-starter.
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