Bristol Warren Regional School District

About Bristol Warren Regional School District

1. Attending college or technical school
2. Demonstrated ability to determine root causes of problems
3. Demonstrated ability to prioritize problems
4. Demonstrated experience using and operating in a Windows environment, with a strong knowledge of workstation and network infrastructure, workstation and networking concepts and hardware
5. Knowledge of operating environments and infrastructure, ability to learn new operating systems quickly
6. Knowledge of Windows and MAC and Chrome operating systems.
7. Basic computer hardware knowledge for maintenance and repair.
8. Demonstrated ability in transferring knowledge to adults to troubleshoot hardware and software issues
9. Effective communication skills with the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of clients and staff


Child Care Provider

October 2018 Warren, RI
“Working with children is always a rewarding experience, additionally creating a safe and educational environment benefits the children and makes the job fun. ”
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