Brilliant Grades

Private tutor

May - July 2021 • San Diego, CA

What I liked

I liked the experience of working with children and having an opportunity to help them grow further both academically and individually. Additionally the hiring process was rather quick and I didn't spend weeks waiting to hear from someone.

What I wish was different

The company was very disorganized and a lot of the children assigned to me needed much more help than I could give them. Additionally, while I was technically a private tutor in reality I was more of a teacher as I was expected to create lessons from confusing structures provided, assign homework, and prepare interactive activities. The only part of this process that I was compensated for was the actual sessions and not all of my work outside so I made about 35 dollars a week.


When I applied for my job I was really desperate for any way to make money for college online. Because of this, I didn't take the time to consider my options or keep searching for other things and I ended up with a not-so-great summer job. I would advise everyone to keep looking for jobs, even if you think you've found a good position just in case things don't actually work out the way you think.
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