Brave Software, Inc.

IT Support Engineer

October 2018 • San Francisco, CA

What I liked

Everything. The benefits are great with free lunch, my commute is paid for, and free a MacBook Pro. The people and company culture are awesome. Most people are very approachable and kind.

What I wish was different

I honestly can't think of anything. I suppose I wish I was more prepared to do my job. I'm leaving new things everyday, but some of which I should have known already.


It is really easy to feel lost after graduating. This was a very difficult transition for me. All of sudden, my schedule wasn't planned for me and I had to dig deep and motivate myself to be disciplined. While applying to jobs, many companies would not even respond. After a month, I would eventually start getting responses, but all of which were no's. But a friend of mine, who is also a SJSU alum and works as a technical recruiter, told me the magic number is 40. Statistically, in the tech field, engineers are practically garanteed to get an offer after applying to 40 jobs. So that gave me motivatation to keep trying everyday, numbering each company I applied to. Brave software was number 27. I applied to 38 home in total.
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