Bluebird Salon

How do I prepare for an interview for a Receptionist position at Bluebird Salon?

First off, dress the best you possible can. A nice outfit and a pair of cute shoes. Be prepared to talk about you previous experience with customer service, register managing, and ability to use technology (computer-mindbody systems/phone). Don't be nervous! Everyone who works there is amazing. A...
Interview Receptionist Bluebird Salon
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What's a day in the life of a Receptionist at Bluebird Salon like?

If you are the opening shift, you will come in a check your list of morning todos and complete those. You can play your favorite music before clients come in! I recommend a good jam session to get the morning going. You will begin to greet clients about an hour later and hand off client slips to ...
Day in the Life Receptionist Bluebird Salon
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