Blue Research and Development

React Developer Intern

June - August 2019 • Provo, UT

What I liked

I liked the team aspect and daily collaborating/standup. Great feedback from the dev on different perspectives and design patterns. This is good for your first job but always be on the lookout for better opportunities. They work with your school schedule which is great. The senior devs know what they are doing, and have a lot of experience. I liked learning from Jackson, the things I learned I'm very grateful.

What I wish was different

What I wished was different, more organization, higher hourly wage. The base or minimum they offer you is $10. The desk, in the office, are lifeproof desks from Costco raised to the highest setting. At times it was uncomfortable.


There are really no scheduled breaks, you are expected to work the whole time. As chill as everyone may seem, at the end of the day they have a business agenda. Which is for all companies but just make sure you are being compensated for your time and work. Get ready to move from project to project very quickly. This is not your typical tech with free food and drinks, they are getting started so don't expect any perks.
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