Blue Mound Golf and Country Club

About Blue Mound Golf and Country Club

Blue Mound Golf and Country Club was founded in 1903. A group of business men met in the back of a drug store and discussed their favorite topic; golf. During their conversation, these men decided to enlist the support of some of their friends and start a private golf club. They leased a farm along Blue Mound Road and began constructing a golf course. The club they started was one of the first private golf clubs in Wisconsin.

When faced with the expiration of their lease on the farm, the club’s leaders decided to purchase farm land further west for new construction. North Avenue is the current home of this historic course and stands proud with some of the original features. Over time, Blue Mound members have decided to renovate and bring new life to some of the outdated areas of the club, all the while keeping the original theme in mind. This beautiful property is home to over 300 members.



April 2019 Milwaukee, WI
“I love the flexibility I am allowed in my schedule. I can work every day if I would like but I am able to take days off if I have been working too many days in a row or if I am busy. I would often work 6 days a week, sometimes doing two loops in a day, however, this was because I wanted to. I never felt uncomfortable or pressured in the workplace, and I really enjoyed being around that type of work environment. ”


May 2013 Milwaukee, WI
“Caddying is a great way to start networking early.”
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