Blue Ink Technology, Inc

Electrical Engineering Intern

May - August 2020 • Huntington, WV

What I liked

Blue Ink Tech has all the benefits of a small startup that made my experience great. Upon arrival, the small company setting gave me the opportunity to talk directly with the president/top engineer to decide on an appropriate project that fit my interests and the needs of the company. This resulted in writing firmware for an upcoming product that plans to be deployed in the future. In addition to knowing my work had a purpose, constant support from surrounding engineers helped me make progress. Whether my questions concerned design decisions or technical details, engineers took time out of their days to dive deep into the fundamentals and ensure that I truly understood the concepts being used in the project. The experience tailored by Blue Ink Tech gave me exposure to communication protocols, debugging tools like logic analyzers, and many more details that come with programming embedded systems. This technical exposure coupled with a small company provided me with growth that I can recommend to anyone.

What I wish was different

I wish I would have pursued the use of version control and repositories. These tools were available and used in most areas; however, my project was not highly collaborative so the addition of these tools would've been unnecessarily overwhelming.


The best advice would be to reach out and talk to the people in the workplace. People at Blue Ink Tech often wear many hats, so my conversations with the president/Electrical Engineer often exposed the holistic decision making process that arose from developing different parts of the product from the ground up. Overhearing sales calls and talks with customer support from across the office provided me with an even greater understanding of how the customer's problems can be addressed from an engineering perspective. Blue Ink Tech helped me understand the multitude of factors that lead to the evolution of a product. I dont think this would have been paralleled at a much larger company.
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