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About Blue Harbor

Family. That’s a word that means a lot around here. In fact, it means everything. We do everything possible to be a helpful, dependable, committed, and caring part of your family. And we take that responsibility very seriously. Above all, we always take the extra step to ensure we are delivering exceptional service to our residents, their families, and to each other. Why? Because that, quite simply, is what families do. And to us, that’s what 100% True Blue is all about.

Sustainability. At Blue Harbor, being 100% True Blue also means caring for our planet. Sustainability matters a whole lot to our residents, their families, and to us. For the past several years, we have consciously moved toward planet-friendly housekeeping products and have made significant investments in energy efficient fixtures that would help make our residents’ lives better while also reducing our energy consumption. We are committed to realizing the full potential of existing programs and are excited to uncover new opportunities going forward.


Activity assistant

June 2017 Eugene, OR
“It was fun”


June 2019 - July 2019 Bountiful, UT
“I liked starting into the field I want my career to be in. I enjoyed caring for residents and learning new healthcare skills. ”
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