How did you working at Bloomberg contribute to your professional growth?

Bloomberg was a company where there are many opportunities for professional growth. There are many opportunities to add value to a team, to give presentations, and to be a leader with any group. It is a place that will teach you to be organized with your work and tasks, to manage your time due to...
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Is Bloomberg a good place to start my career?

Hi Danny,Great!Can I apply for an internship now to Bloomberg? Can an Health Management major get an internship from there? How? Any link to submit my application?How quick I can begin an internship from there? Possible for this Fall2020 or Summer2020? Why not either one?Thank you!
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Compared to its main competitors,how does Bloomberg stand out?

Bloomberg is the most established company in financial tech. While other products might have a good service in a particular area of financial data and analytical tools, Bloomberg’s breadth of offering is unmatched in the industry. The best in finance know and use Bloomberg.
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What's important to highlight in an interview at Bloomberg?

In an interview with Bloomberg, students should on two things: Bloomberg's original mission of creating transparency in the financial markets, and doing so with high quality data, and the culture of the firm and how students buy into it (entrepreneurial spirit even though it's a massive firm, eve...
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I'm currently interning in the Bloomberg Analytics team. How can I turn this internship into a full-time offer?

The analytics role is always hiring new people, and they are usually pretty good about offering positions to their interns. If you want to ensure an offer, put in the time to study the material, and take the internship seriously. Demonstrate that you have an interest in finance/the markets and ca...
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What does a Product Intern at Bloomberg do?

I sat at a desk with 7/8 Project Managers who had all been in the industry in some way or another for 15+ years which was cool because they had a wealth of experience I could draw from, but I was also the only intern on my desk so a lot of the work I ended up doing was left up to my discretion. I...
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Is there a mentorship program at Bloomberg?

Yes, It was one of the best parts of the summer for me. I worked with a man in Bloomberg Tradebook which was a different product group than I was normally working with. It was really helpful when it came to meeting new people. He is still someone I keep in touch with now even while I am at a diff...
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What's a day in the life of an Equity Research Analyst Intern at Bloomberg like?

The day was quite similar in many aspects and incredibly dynamic in others. I began every day by getting into the office at 7:30 am and eating breakfast (one of the perks of Bloomberg is that it has great on-site food and it's all free!). After hitting the desk at 8 am, I would spend the next h...
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How much ownership over their work do interns have at Bloomberg?

When it comes to the ownership of your work we have a motto at Bloomberg L.P. and that's "Own it." You will be the person who will be loading the data that the entire financial work sees and what you out down is trusted to you to getting the entire financial system running. We put trust in each o...
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How do data analysts at Bloomberg contribute to the company's mission?

The mission of Bloomberg is, was, and always will be financial market transparency. Every individual employee from the 19,000 employees globally in over 192 offices in 96 countries contributes the the mission in their own unique way. We provide the most accurate data of any company and that's dri...
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How can I prepare for an interview for a BAT Campus Ambassador position at Bloomberg?

Learn some basics about economics/finance/accounting. Nothing to crazy - just learn to weave it into a conversation. At its base its a marketing position, be confident. Show them what you can add.
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Just got an interview for a software eng intern position at Bloomberg. Any pointers?!

Before the Bloomberg interview, brush up on your coding questions. I recommend taking a look at Cracking the Coding Interview, which I used to prepare for my interviews. In addition, try out a few practice problems on sites such as leetcode or hackerrank. Since a component of the interview is to ...
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If you've interned at Bloomberg, how much support did you receive from upper management during your internship?

I was paired with a mentor and a manager who supported me throughout the duration of my project. They were able to answer most of the questions that I had and clear up confusions that I had about the development environment at Bloomberg. When I would hit a roadblock, they were great about connect...
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What does a Municipal Bond Analyst at Bloomberg do?

The typical day as an analyst at Bloomberg is a roughly 80/20 split between doing data entry and doing customer service. All the information that is sent in to be displayed on Bloomberg's terminal is done so manually by the analysts on different teams. Additionally, clients have the option to o...
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What does an Analytics Representative at Bloomberg do? And what skills do you need to be successful in this role?

The analytics role means that you are talking with clients all day, helping them solve problems and answer questions. To succeed as an analytics representative, you need to be interested in the markets and finance, you need to be able take in a lot of information, learn quickly, and be adaptable....
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