About BLENDi
BACKGROUND: We created the BLENDi to help people live more convenient and healthier lives, by making it seamless to enjoy perfectly blended smoothies, protein shakes, and the occasional margarita- anytime, anywhere.

OUR PARTNERS: With over 40+ retail stores and sold in/on the likes of Kroger, Zuliliy, Brookstone, and Touch Of Modern our growth has been incredible in 2020 increasing over 100% year over year.

JOBS: We're aiming to bring in 6 interns for BLENDi with 2-3 being marketing (social media and digital marketing) and 2-3 being in sales (cold outreach and formulating prospects) and 1 accounting (creating the balance sheet and income statement).
Let me know if that's okay.


social media marketing

May 2021 - August 2021 Boston, MA
“I struggled a lot when it came to being fully prepared for a career after graduation. Although I had college experience, I wasn't sure how well I would adapt in the working world. My internship at BLENDi helped with the transition immensely. I used all the content we created for my portfolio, as well as my everyday experience with the internship to confidently interview for jobs. All the experience was awesome stuff I could relate to employers, and it helped me to be knowledgeable with current social media marketing trends. Jon is a great boss, and also a good guy who will give you input on careers, life, and general questions. If you are looking for something more to gain important experience, I would recommend interning at BLENDi. ”

Digital Marketing Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Boston, MA
“BLENDi was a cool internship to take. Jon, who is in charge of everything, is very knowledgeable in a lot of different fields, which was cool to see. Working in marketing, he had us bounce around in many different areas in marketing, like graphic design, copywriting, and research. It was neat to work with the other interns on projects, and it was cool getting a behind-the-scenes look at how a marketing department would work for such a small, up-and-coming company.”
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