Blarney Castle Oil & Propane

Customer Service Agent

June - August 2018 • Tustin, MI

What I liked

I enjoyed the frequent revisiting customers and the relationships that I was able to build with these customers as a result. I enjoyed the challenge of learning a wide variety of new skills in customer relations and money handling. I enjoyed the location of the work, and it being of close proximity of my place of dwelling. I enjoyed the relationships that were formed between myself and other coworkers. Most of all, I enjoyed being able to work under, and learn from, my manager; seeking opportunities for growth and improvement on many different occasions.

What I wish was different

I wish that I had a better opportunity to make more money, despite how shallow that sounds. As a summer job my one most important goal was making the most amount of money in as little time as possible, in order to pay for tuition. At this place of employment, there was not very many opportunities or avenues of which I could explore in an attempt to better myself not only within the company's perspective, but financially as well. Little room for growth.


I would encourage anyone working at a gas station, or any customer service job in general, to not let the things that customer say get to them. In our world, people will say and do some pretty messed up things; often for no reason at all. Do not let these things get to you, let them go and move on. Keep in mind this simple phrase that often got me through so many difficult times: "This job is not above me, nor I above it".
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