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What can I expect as an Animal Care Intern at Blank Park Zoo?

I had to wake up by 6:30am to be able to get to the zoo by 8:00am for work. You work until 5:00pm. Generally the morning is spent preparing diets for the animals, laundry, doing daily cleaning duties, and performing the weekly deep cleans of certain enclosures. A few enclosures are deep cleaned e...
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Does an animal care intern get much work-life balance when working at Blank Park Zoo?

I worked from 8:00am to 5:00pm, normally getting up at 6:30am. I was very busy, but I did have time to see friends and family. You also get two days off per week, but they are not necessarily Saturday and Sunday since the zoo is open every day of the week. It can be weird to have your "weekend" o...
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