Can someone please describe BlackRock's company culture to me?

The work environment is very much about being self-starting and highly motivated. Speaking to my own experience, there was a very steep learning curve in my department which analysts were expected to master quickly. The company culture placed a large emphasis on analysts learning this experience ...
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What does it take to succeed at BlackRock?

The most important tools to succeed at Blackrock are endurance and adaptability. Investment management is a high pressure industry and some days feel quite long and hectic and that is where a lot of fresh grads have to persevere to find the rewards. Secondly, one gets a lot of different types of ...
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How did working at BlackRock contribute to your professional growth?

BlackRock is a place that encourages you to be a student of the markets and life. There is a strong emphasis on learning skills rather than learning a particular role or platform. Many employees benefit from frictionless mobility around the firm to develop and hone in on the things that they want...
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Compared to its main competitors, does BlackRock stand out in certain areas?

BlackRock stands out due to its size yet relative unique employee makeup. Also, due to its genuinely innovative culture. BlackRock is the world's largest asset manager its scale allows it to do what no other asset management firm can do. However, it is also a close nit of employees, 14,000 which ...
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Help! What do I need to know before an interview at BlackRock?

Depending on which position you interview for and your background, questions asked could vary. But in general, first round is phone/video interview and second round is a half-day on-site 'superday' consists of 4-6 rounds of one-on-one interviews. Be prepared to answer the following behavioral qu...
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Tips to prepare for an interview for a Analyst position at BlackRock?

The first thing to do would be to go through the company website in details, looking for information about Blackrock's founder, the history, culture and the people at the firm. Once that is done, assuming this is the stage after the initial video interview, it is important to delve deep into your...
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What skills do I need to succeed as a BlackRock Summer Analyst?

At BlackRock, the most important skills are attention to detail, critical thinking, and an open mind! Don't worry too much about the technical stuff. They're happy to teach you anything you don't already know, either through work or through the BlackRock Academies.
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Can someone help me in preparing for an interview for a Summer Excellence Intern position at BlackRock?

Luckily, I did not have to go through an interview for the Summer Excellence Intern position because I knew someone who was currently working there and he recommended me to the program. I would suggest that it is always helpful to do research about the company and to keep a very open mind during ...
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