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About Blackmore Partners

Our Organization:
Blackmore Partners is a Private Equity intermediary based in Chicago, Illinois. We advise individuals interested in acquiring middle market companies (revenue ranging from $25 mm - $500 mm). We work closely with our Private Equity partners and Corporate clients to target specific industries and companies of interest, bringing them deals that meet their investment criteria and business growth plan. We also work closely with seasoned executives, who are interested in acquiring the company they are currently running, a division of the company they are running or a company within their industry. We consult these executives throughout the process of identifying an acquisition target, creating a proposal, approaching the seller and shopping the proposal to thousands of private equity groups for funding.

Blackmore Partners provides the following services to executives:
● Education in M&A Industry
● Teaser and Pitch Book Development
● Ideation and Strategy Development
● Institutional Fundraising- access to over 8,000 private equity groups


Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst Internship

December 2016 - March 2017 Chicago, IL
“There were no redeeming qualities to this experience. If I was forced to come up with something positive to say, it's that I learned what working conditions I shouldn't put up with in the future.”
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