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About Blackhorn Ventures

Blackhorn Ventures is an investment management firm whose primary objective is to maximize returns for its investors by investing in top-performing entrepreneurs and companies. The firm’s focus is on supporting companies whose business success is fully-aligned with generating positive societal outcomes, with the potential to drive deep co-linear social and environmental impact.

As a firm, Blackhorn Ventures focuses on the most resource consumptive industries in the global economy: energy, transportation and the built environment sectors. A clear indication of this is that these sectors are responsible for 70% of GHG emissions in the US. By investing in technologies that are transforming resource use in these three sectors we are pursuing the most direct and effective way to combat climate, economic and political destabilization that may result from climate change and resource degradation and unavailability.


VC Summer Analyst

June 2021 - August 2021 Boulder, CO
“Amazing team doing very interesting work. Lots of great mentorship opportunities and chances to get involved. Exposure to some very cool startups and a large variety of projects, so you get experience in a lot of different spaces.”
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