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Tell me, what did you like and dislike about the Electrical Engineering Technical internship at Black & Veatch.

I really enjoyed being able to experience the real world of being an Electrical Engineering Technician. It is a whole different experience from school and what they are able to provide, because while Black & Veatch is an excellent company to be a part of, they aren’t the only company out there. I...
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Describe to me the training program electrical engineer interns were put through at Black & Veatch.

The training that you do is basically trial by fire. As an intern, your job is to try and learn as much as possible, in as little time as possible. How much you learn is completely determined by you, the intern. You must seek out help on things you do not know, and trust me, you do not know anyth...
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What does a Black & Veatch recruiter want to see out of a prospective engineer intern during the interview phase?

The qualities/experience you should highlight for an interview for an intern position with BV: your personality. BV hires interns with the intention of turning them full time once the internship is over. The biggest thing they look for is someone who can get along well with the team. They hire wi...
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How much should an engineer intern at Black & Veatch expect to make?

Expected compensation for a BV Engineer intern is around $24/hr
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How many different professional growth opportunities are available for interns at Black & Veatch?

They have several! As an intern, you are given a sponsor. Your sponsor is someone who can help get you acclimated to your role, help show you resources, and is someone you can ask for help or advice. You are also encouraged to participate in several of the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), like th...
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What would you say makes a successful civil engineer intern at Black & Veatch?

I have a Geological Engineering BS, and am currently pursuing an MS in the same area of study. They were looking for Mining, Civil/Geotechnical, and/or Geological Engineering students, at the senior year undergraduate or graduate level. Heavy Civil Engineering pertains to big infrastructure proje...
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What was the initial interview process like for students interested in an engineer role at Black & Veatch?

My interviewing process may be atypical. I first had a 15-20 minute phone interview with an HR Representative, who asked me about my resume, my previous internships, and what I learned from them. A few months later, I had a site interview with three people in the Water Business, Heavy Civil Depar...
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What was a regular day in the life of an Electrical Engineer intern at Black & Veatch?

Typically, much of the design is done in an office setting. On a typical day, I would work on multiple projects which are in differing stages of the engineering process. Perhaps in the morning I could work on some design, which would include choosing electrical equipment, doing calculations or cr...
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How varied did your work-life balance get after working as an Electrical Engineer intern at Black & Veatch?

This is a consulting role, so the hours can be all over the place. Some days it would just be a typical 9-5 job, but near deadlines sometimes have to work longer hours and over weekends to meet the project goals. Generally, there is a good work-life balance, but around deadlines can get hectic.
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Is there a work-hard, play-hard culture at Black & Veatch?

Black & Veatch's culture is hard work and community. They often have events to bring the B&V family together and encourage open communication amongst staff throughout the company.
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I'm seeking out interview tips from those with electrical engineering technician internship experience at Black & Veatch!

First thing is to know the company you are interviewing with. The more you know about the company, the more comfortable you will feel about the interview. Secondly, don't be nervous. I know that's hard to do, but you have to realize the people interviewing you are just that, people. They aren't g...
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