Birds Nest Productions

Video Production Intern

June - August 2019 • New York City, NY

What I liked

The highly educational internship program. The internship feels like a summer class but way better because we constantly have hands-on experience. We learn new things everyday and can literally apply our knowledge into projects the following days. The workload is heavy but very rewarding. We have to make a documentary every week. Therefore, we are forced to come out of the office and learn about the culture and the people of New York City. It is challenging to cope with the pace and the diversity of New York City, but the internship really helps. The employers try their best to help us learn about the professions and also to make sure that we have the full experience of being a resident of New York City.

What I wish was different

I wish that I can have more friends in New York City. A crowded and enthusiastic city seems like a place where you can never feel lonely. However, because it is a place where everyone has their business to care about, you feel isolated constantly. Fortunately, this will be a problem anymore in the future when I come back to New York City to work because I have made good friendships with other interns and my employers at my internship.


Stay curious. School teaches you the theory and the ideal picture of how things work. These knowledge are valuable, but they are not enough for you to thrive later on when you experience actual work. Therefore, you should open up yourself when you intern, try to learn from your supervisors and learn to collaborate with your peers. What you can learn from other people may surprise you and help you grow a lot more than you can imagine.
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