Betty Griffin Center

Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate

June 2019 • St. Augustine, FL

What I liked

Fantastic experience where you are hands-on helping survivors meet their emotional needs during a time of crisis. It is very impactful work, and the organization has many different outlets with which to help people. They also place a lot of trust in their volunteers to work independently.

What I wish was different

My volunteering is strictly as an on-call basis. Therefore, while I have more time to do other things when there is not an immediate crisis I am responding to, I still feel as though I could be doing more to help at times.


This is a really excellent opportunity to engage in social work and psychology, and to see the intersectionality of many social issues, particularly violence against women. It is also great for people who would like to engage in a more clinical side of psychology, as my volunteering is entirely held at the Rape Crisis Center in Flagler Hospital. This truly is an incredible organization with a team of dedicated, compassionate people.
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