Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

About Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts inspires, educates, and empowers individuals through the arts and humanities by presenting a diverse selection of culturally-rich performances, popular artists, and community and educational programming. Located 90 miles from New York City at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY, the lush 800-acre campus includes a Pavilion Stage amphitheater with seating for 15,000, an intimate 440-seat indoor Event Gallery, the award-winning Museum at Bethel Woods, and a Conservatory for arts education programming.

Through the in-depth study and exhibition of the social, political, and cultural events of the 1960s, as well as the preservation of the historic site of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Bethel Woods educates individuals about the issues and lessons of the decade while inspiring a new generation to contribute positively to the world around them.

The Bethel Woods campus celebrates the natural beauty, cherished traditions and bountiful products of Sullivan County. Over 2,000 trees have been planted on the rolling grounds where trails and clusters of buildings open up to vistas of the surrounding landscape. The architecture expresses the familiar forms of the region’s barns and rural structures. Strong cedar posts and timber construction, copper roofs, stone from local quarries and native plantings convey a sense of belonging to the countryside and make visitors feel welcome and neighbors feel at home.

The not-for-profit organization relies on the generous support of individuals, corporations, and foundations to develop and sustain programs that improve the quality of life in the region and beyond.

A unique educational, performance, and retreat environment focused on building creative capital to inspire individuals to contribute positively to the world around them.

We draw inspiration from our unique place in history.
We encourage individual creativity and expression
We recognize and value the arts and humanities and their contribution to physical and psychological well being and its positive impact upon individuals and communities.
We honor the participation of staff, volunteers, and donors and count as essential their contributions to Bethel Woods' mission
We create a safe and enjoyable environment for all who work and visit.
We intend to leverage our success for the economic and social benefit of Sullivan County
We maintain our grounds and facilities to the highest standards
We respect all individuals and value diversity of ideas, abilities, and expression
Preserve the unique experience of Bethel Woods and its place and representation in history.
Become locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally known as the premier Sixties cultural museum and exploration center.
Present a diverse selection of popular artists and culturally-rich performances, special events, festivals, and community events to become a premier cultural resource for our communities and cultural tourism attraction and destination.
Focus on building multi-disciplinary arts enrichment programming that provides our audiences with continual learning about the lessons of The Sixties—individual expression, heightened cultural engagement and social consciousness, empowerment, and inspiration.
Ensure the sustainability of Bethel Woods through earned and unearned income opportunities, board expansion, and creating a world-class endowment.
Continue and expand our efforts to support our community and revitalize the cultural and economic life of our region.


Development Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Bethel, NY
“I loved getting the opportunity to help support an organization who’s mission I deeply believe in”

Security Guard

May 2016 Bethel, NY
“It's a great place to work with very flexible hours and a great staff of people.”
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