Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

About Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, a unit of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University, is a U.S. non-profit scientific research and educational organization based in Bermuda and a Bermuda Registered Charity.

For 120 years, scientists have worked to explore the ocean and address important local and global environmental issues. Ocean and atmospheric science research programs at BIOS provide a wealth of information that is used by government representatives, environmental resource managers and community leaders to inform their decision-making processes.

R/V Atlantic Explorer is a U.S. flagged ocean class vessel in the Academic Research Fleet, operated by ASU BIOS as a UNOLS designated operator, that provides scientists with a platform for conducting short-and long-term studies of the open ocean, providing data to inform our understanding of global climate change, nutrient cycling and ocean-atmospheric dynamics.

Building on the success of more than a century of research and education, ASU BIOS is committed to addressing pressing global issues in oceanography, marine conservation, and ocean health. ASU BIOS maintains a diverse portfolio of research activities that allow our knowledge to be shared both locally and internationally.

Research at ASU BIOS spans the branches of oceanography--biological, chemical, physical, and geological--and includes work in the related disciplines of environmental science, resource monitoring and conservation, atmospheric science, and risk prediction.

Education is a key aspect of ASU BIOS’s mission, directly linking our scientific research to hands-on learning opportunities for students. Our courses and internships provide high quality mentorship and experiential learning and research opportunities to university students from around the world as students engage directly with scientists at our world-class research institute.


REU Intern

August 2020 - November 2020 St. George's, St. George's
“The guided independence offered by BIOS for this Research Experience for Undergraduates was incredible. I was allowed a leadership role in the planning and operating of my research project, with beyond helpful aid whenever I needed. I was able to gain [what I believe to be] invaluable experience in field work, experimental design, data analytics, along with generally every step of the research process.”
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