Berkshire Interns/Berkshire Entry

About Berkshire Interns/Berkshire Entry

Berkshire Interns and Berkshire Entry are workforce programs of Lever, Inc.

Lever, Inc. is a local non-profit that is working to better the Berkshires by attracting entrepreneurs, innovation, and young people to the area. Our goal is to launch companies and programs to lift our region, creating a better quality of work and life for the local residents.

Berkshire Interns is a paid summer internship program focused on providing challenging, mission-critical internships in a variety of industries and companies around Berkshire County. Each opportunity is 10-weeks of full-time paid work and is supported by the Lever staff in the form of career development and summer social programming.

Berkshire Entry is the sister program to Berkshire Interns, it focuses on providing salaried entry-level opportunities to recent college graduates in Berkshire County.


Market Research Analyst

June 2018 - August 2018 North Adams, MA
“I had a great supervisor, Brent Filson, at Lever. He was extremely helpful when it came to mentorship for the business field. He also offered really constructive feedback on my projects, progress, and things I could improve on. Being able to talk to Brent about the new business theories and frameworks I was learning made the projects where I could apply what I learned very exciting. The Berkshire Business Interns program run by Lever also contributed hugely to my experience. Not only did I have two other college interns working with me day to day, I also had the opportunity to attend events with other interns placed (with the help of Lever) at internships throughout the Berkshires. The small team at Lever made working there a lot of fun. ”
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