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About Benjamin Franklin Charter School

Benjamin Franklin Charter School was one of Arizona's first charter schools. What is a charter school? A charter school is a public school that receives its operating authorization and funding from the State Board of Education, the State Board for Charter Schools, or any school district that chooses to charter a school under the charter school law passed in 1994. The "Charter" is a contract with the chartering body that allows a private entity to operate a "public" charter school in accordance with a specific program outlined in the charter.

Benjamin Franklin Charter Schools applied for and was granted its charter by the State Board for Charter Schools on June 12, 1995. We began as a K-8 program, and in the fall of 2013, opened our first high school, combining it with the existing junior high, to create a 7-12 college preparatory secondary school.

Mission & Vision
Elementary Program

Benjamin Franklin Charter School is committed to providing quality instruction to Arizona students in the skills of reading, mathematics, history, science, writing and research. Parental involvement in determining direction and focus is the hallmark of this program.
Benjamin Franklin Charter School, in concert with parents, regards the development of children's academic abilities and knowledge as its primary focus and fundamental to its success. Enhancement areas of music, art, practical art, physical education and sports support the overall goal of a well-rounded program.

Benjamin Franklin Charter School will assist students in establishing their educational foundation for lifelong learning by:
- Training the intellect
- Teaching skills
- Instilling a sense of pride in and respect for self, others and country
- Equipping students for the world of the future by challenging them to achieve individual excellence
- Ensuring an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of all students, regardless of physical appearance and culture

Mission Statement
Secondary Program

The mission of Benjamin Franklin High School is to train students to be intellectually curious - akin to the namesake of our school. Through intensive study of the true, the good, and the beautiful, students develop to their academic and personal potential. Additionally, the school will train the heart of students according to universally accepted and eternal virtues - understanding that the best education is only valuable upon a moral foundation. Thus, our students walk with integrity and character, knowing what it is to be a thoughtful citizen in a democratic-republic and a positive force in their community.

Vision Statement
Secondary Program

Benjamin Franklin High School will provide to our students and for our parents rigorous, liberal arts, college preparatory education delivered in a safe, nurturing environment. Students, teachers and staff will be held to the highest standards of professionalism, personal conduct and character, understanding that what we teach implicitly is as important as what we teach explicitly. Our students will receive a comprehensive, content-rich, integrated 7th-12th grade education whereby each grade builds upon previous learning, culminating in students that excel academically, artistically and philosophically and thus are prepared to enter a four-year university and life. Academic excellence and personal character are developed and refined through the creation of sound habits and the perseverance to complete difficult tasks.

Problem-solving opportunities and responsibility will be given to students in order that graduates may reflect on their experiences and learn from their successes as well as failures. Parents should understand that a charter school specializes in one pedagogy or methodology and does not provide, by design, all that a district school offers.

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