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At Belly Up Sports, we are what they aren't. We aren’t ESPN, Yahoo, Deadspin, or Barstool, nor do we want to be. We’re the people you want to hang out with, not the people you want to avoid! So here’s to hoping you Belly Up with us.

Belly Up Sports' focus is on quality sports content with a satirical or humorous twist, and we're looking for teammates that share our passion for sports and light-hearted personality. We cover the entire spectrum of the sports world, including fantasy sports. As a rapidly growing organization, we are looking for support in digital media management, where you will directly contribute to building a brand. Our teammates interact with sports fans throughout the world, stimulate discussion, and grow their own personal followings. Interested in joining the team? Check out our job postings! From social media management internships to staff writing positions, Belly Up Sports has a spot for you.


Staff Writer

May 2021 Toledo, OH
“I loved the sense of community at Belly Up Sports. Everybody is extremely welcoming and supportive. There is a lot of trust placed in writers resulting in a lot of freedom in terms of what you want to write about in the world of sports. ”
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