Behavior Intervention Services

About Behavior Intervention Services

In all aspects of our work, we incorporate behavioral principles that allow for the reduction and extinction of maladaptive behaviors and the acquisition of lifelong skills. Moreover, we understand the stress and confusion that can be involved with navigating the world of diagnosis, education, treatment and funding. So, our team of knowledgeable and certified staff are here to help!
And though we are an ever-growing agency, we strive to maintain the benefits of our current environment as we continually expand our services. Along the journey, Behavior Intervention Services seeks to create an exciting, challenging, and rewarding environment that allows our employees and our clients to flourish in both their professional and personal lives. At BIS, good isn’t good enough, and we’re always looking for new ways to “defy limits, exceed expectations…”


Registered Behavior Technician

March 2019 St. Louis, MO
“I LOVE working for BIS, they're a company that values their employees and makes that very clear. Every few months or so there's a survey that goes to all the RBTs asking if they feel like they've been supported and had enough supervision - if the RBT says they haven't it's immediately given attention and fixed! There are also semi-regular RBT meetings where we bring questions we have and discuss ways to help each other and the company as a group. It's the most collaborative job I've ever had. ”
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