Does BDO USA offer any mentorship programs?

On your first day as an intern you're assigned a "buddy" who is an associate or senior and meant to be your first point of contact any time you have questions about anything. They're there to help you with any questions you have about the internship or what you're working on or just about the com...
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What salary can I expect as an assurance intern at BDO USA?

Intern compensation at BDO Los Angeles is $28/hour plus overtime. Summer interns work 8 hour days, while winter interns will work 8-10 hours.
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What's a normal work day like for an assurance summer intern at BDO USA?

Average is from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. Go to the client office and work with the audit teams on various work-papers that they need assistance with. Involves basic auditing work and training and miscellaneous office work. Much of it is learning and watching training videos and then learning as much a...
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I've scheduled an interview for an internship at BDO USA - are there any specific qualities I should highlight? What are interviewers looking for?

The main quality recruiters look for in a candidate is personality. I strongly recommend to anyone interviewing for an intern position to be their most outgoing self possible. Recruiters are searching for students who will fit into their community, so you want to make sure you have an engaging co...
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How would you describe the company culture at BDO USA?

BDO has a very people oriented culture. You can tell by the efforts the associates and higher ups will go to help you out and explain something new.
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Realistically, how much work-life balance will I have as an intern at BDO USA?

Work-life Balance is : 40 hours per week as an intern. No more or no less. Travel time will be a few days for regional training at the beginning.
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What skills are going to help me succeed at the BDO Pathway to Success Conference?

Be open-minded. Do not go into the conference with expectations or stereotypes in mind of the firm you are visiting Quality > Quantity of conversations. Don't focus too much on talking to all of the partners or managers; one or two solid conversations will be much more impactful not only for y...
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Can anyone share what a typical work day may be like for an audit intern at BDO USA?

During busy season, there are plenty of opportunities to learn. Normally, you would spend your day at the client, which is really cool because you get a change of scenery quite often. An audit intern will be given tasks such as testing, where you will look through files to confirm they are accura...
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Are there certain qualities I should highlight during my interview for an accounting intern position at BDO USA?

I truly believe that one of the most important qualities that should be highlighted when interviewing for an internship at BDO or any other accounting firm is any sport/team experiences. For example, I was a captain of my lacrosse team as a junior and senior in high school. I played competitive s...
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Does BDO offering any training programs for their audit intern positions?

In my case, BDO flew out all Interns in the Southeast to Fort Lauderdale. The training was three days long in the BDO office there. We became acquainted with the software used on audits. The training was mainly focused on knowledge of software, BDO best practices, and took a cursory look at Audi...
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What does a tax intern at BDO USA do?

During my internship in tax at BDO, I was treated as Tax Associate. BDO provided a broad range of generic online training with updated topic in tax, and individual or group training were also provided during daily work. The main job duties covered preparing work paper and tax return for different...
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