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At Bay State Physical Therapy/MVPT, we have a simple vision for how musculoskeletal care should be delivered: give patients the best, most convenient options for addressing their conditions quickly and effectively – and, follow that up with life-long support to help them live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Unfortunately, for many patients, this vision is not a reality. Far too many receive costly and invasive treatments that fail to address their underlying conditions, resulting in unnecessary hospital re-admits and an overreliance on pain medication.

We envision an alternative approach where physical therapy and chiropractic care are the first stop on a patient’s care journey, not the last. This “physical therapy first” approach introduces conservative, evidence-based treatments early on, which helps avoid unnecessary and complex treatments and diagnostics.


Rehabilitation Services Aide

June 2018 Boston, MA
“I enjoyed the hands on experience of working in a physical therapy office. The intimate setting made it easy to communicate with patients and work with the physical therapists. ”
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What kind of work environment can I expect at Bay State Physical Therapy?

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For anybody who's worked there, are there certain things that you particularly liked (or disliked) about being a physical therapist student at Bay State Physical Therapy?

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