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About Bay Area School of Ministry

The Bay Area School of Ministry Pastoral Residency Program is a unique opportunity for young men and women called to the ministry to gain practical experience in a dynamic church setting over a period of two years. The vision of our Residency Program is to equip and develop the next generation of leaders for a lifetime of effective ministry.

BASOM believes that while seminaries provide a solid foundation in many disciplines, a hands-on ministry experience within the local church provides exposure to the realities of ministry. Our goal is not to replace seminaries but to complement them. Under the supervision of experienced pastoral staff, residents receive a foundation for a lifetime of ministry in a safe and supportive learning environment.


Pastoral Resident

January 2021 - January 2023 Redwood City, CA
“The Residency program is an excellent way to gain educational and formal experience in vocational Ministry while getting paid. The folks who have built this Ministry do not treat it like an opportunity for easy workers to help pick up slack- instead they are dedicated to helping you find your fit. It is a great role for those who are considering working in the church, and will immerse you in opportunities. ”
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