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About Bates White Economic Consulting

Bates White specializes in providing advanced economic, financial, and econometric analysis to law firms, companies, and government agencies. We help clients tackle tough issues with confidence and pride ourselves on delivering top-notch consulting and expert testimony. But what makes us successful is our commitment to providing a positive and rewarding experience—for our employees, our clients, and the community. We are consistently ranked by Vault as a top 50 consulting firm.


Summer consultant

June 2019 - August 2019 Washington, DC
“I loved the intellectual and fun culture at Bates White. It was very interesting to learn about all of the different practices within Bates White (antitrust litigation practice, financial litigation practice, energy consulting practice, mergers practice, life sciences practice, etc.). I loved working with data every day and using statistical tools to process and analyze it. I loved learning really unique things about niche industries through my research. Bates White is extremely collaborative, and inclusive. They really invest a lot in the interns (training them to use the statistical tools well and understand the complex problems of the industry). Also, Bates White really goes all out for the summer interns; we went to a professional baseball game, went on a sailing trip, took a culinary class, and dined together at very nice restaurants over the summer. ”

Summer Consultant

June 2017 - August 2017 Washington, DC
“Very organized internship program. You learn a lot about economic consulting. The company really spoils you in terms of events. The pay is very good. Very strong mentorship program. Very engaging case study component. ”
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