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About Barrett Barrera Projects

As a cross-disciplinary group of originators, we redefine art experiences and culture. We see art where others see separate disciplines and push boundaries to explore the continuously expanding spectrum of art forms. Here is how.


Graphic Design Intern

June 2022 - December 2022 St. Louis, MO
“I really enjoy the multitude of projects that I am assigned and the variety in which each assignment came. Each project that I worked on was different from the next all while staying within the brand guidelines for Barrett Barrera Projects. I am given just enough creative freedom to come up with ideas and designs of my own which is encouraged by the team. I continue to gain more technical skills when it comes to printing things out physically, learning about the different specs that have to be meticulously reviewed and double checked. I am also learning how much social networking contributes to art businesses when it comes to recognition and reach. My overall experience so far as a graphic design intern for Barrett Barrera Projects has been great! ”
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