Barcelona SAE

About Barcelona SAE

With our exclusive focus on this Mediterranean city, Barcelona SAE is a boutique study abroad and internship program that provides personalized attention. Ask any of our alumni and you’ll learn about their unforgettable academic, cultural, and professional experience – one that was beneficial not only during their time in Barcelona, but has given them a personal and professional advantage for the rest of their lives.


Marketing Intern

June 2021 - July 2021 Barcelona, Barcelona
“The faculty I work with are friendly, respectful and flexible.”

Marketing and Cultural Activity Intern

May 2018 - July 2018 Barcelona, Barcelona Province
“I liked being able to balance cultural courtesy with navigating through a new business environment. I also liked how every day was different- taking clients out to lunch, doing an airport pickup, giving tours of Barcelona, and networking with people who have different specialties. I also loved that I had to merge three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan and determine which was appropriate for which situation. Getting out of my comfort zone and being completely immersed in the cultural was beautiful. It was also great to be able to realize that there is a different lifestyle that people live and realize that people think different ways of doing things and that's OK. ”
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