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SUMMER JOB! The Bar 10 Ranch is located in an isolated area of Arizona near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (2 hrs south of St. George). Transportation between St. George and the Ranch is provided and employees typically work 5 days on and two days off. Room and Board is also provided while working at the ranch. Most of the Ranch guests are river rafters entering or exiting the Colorado River via helicopter. Qualifications: Employees will be required to do a combination of the following job tasks: ATV/Horseback guiding, cooking, cleaning, entertaining (i.e. guitar, fiddle, harmonica, singing, line/swing dancing, cowboy poetry, etc.), cashier in gift shop, helicopter loading, yard care, etc.
We look for team members that are: Honest, Sense of humor, Sense of teamwork, Desire to make customers happy. We are looking for those who are level headed and able to adapt to a multitude of situations and solve problems. Any of these qualifications will help you excel as part of the 'Bar 10 Ranch Family'!



May 2019 - August 2019 Grand Canyon, AZ
“I liked the atmosphere. I was able to help people have a positive experience at the Grand Canyon. I loved my coworkers as well.”

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May 2018 - September 2018 Grand Canyon, AZ
“I love the environment and meeting new people and being able to help them have a fantastic vacation experience.”
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