Bannock Youth Foundation

About Bannock Youth Foundation

Bannock Youth Foundation has provided support to youth and families in Pocatello since 1978 through shelter care, counseling, substance abuse treatment, foster care support, parent education and more.


Direct Care Staff

February 2021 - July 2022 Pocatello, ID
“I really enjoyed working at Bannock House. The work was sometimes difficult, extremely stressful, and emotionally burdening, but I learned lots of different skills. I developed my interpersonal skills, time management skills to stay on top of a busy schedule, de-escalate skills in stressful situations, and skills in decision-making that directly influenced the youth. I gained invaluable experience working with youth who were in the child welfare system, diagnosed with mental illnesses, in substance abuse treatment, and/or had family going through crisis. I gained experience in learning how to build appropriate rapport and set and maintain boundaries with the youth. I enjoyed learning how to cook and bake different dishes during meal and snack times. One of my favorite memories at Bannock House was going camping with the youth at Scout Mountain; we tie dyed pillow cases, went on a hike, and played games around the fire place.”

Event Planner Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Pocatello, ID
“The events”
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