BAE Industries, Inc.

About BAE Industries, Inc.

As a proven leader in the metal manufacturing industry, BAE Industries offers a wide range of engineering and manufacturing services, beginning with a concept, to the prototype stage and progressing to full manufacturing, production, assembly and delivery of engineered products. Our core capabilities include the manufacturing of latches and hinges as well as metal stampings.


Product Engineering Intern

May 2018 - September 2019 Auburn Hills, MI
“Interning at BAE Industries was an extremely valuable learning experience for me. I worked in the product engineering department and recieved an incredible amount of hands on and drawing board training. I was trained directly by several different engineers there and was incorporated in every ongoing project, taking on more and more responsibilites as I accomplished new and more difficult tasks. I was allowed to sit in on more product development meetings than I can count, and was given a first hand understanding of BAE's business model and program cycle. My boss was a Lead Engineer for the product engineering department, I had my own desk located alongside him in his cubical, and he ended up being one of the greatest mentors I have ever had. By the time I left BAE after two summers and working there part time inbetween, it felt as if I was leaving family members. The engineering teams at BAE are a close knit group of amazing people and excellent managers who truly care about their employees. At BAE I was also exposed to manufacturing engineering at their assembly plant, engineering testing in their test lab, and measuring equipment in their quality lab. By the end of my time there I was conducting mechanism pull testing on my own on behalf of the engineering department. I was able to move from an intern in training to a relied on and counted on member of their team. I would recommend interning there to anyone who is interested.”
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