About Babysitting

I'm looking for someone to put my son (8) on the bus at 9 but would need you at my house by 8. Also be at my house to get my daughter (11) off the bus at 3:30 & my son at 4:00. I will be home around 6:00. My daughter has Type 1 Diabetes but takes care of her injections. She will just need to be reminded to check her sugar levels and to give insulin when she is going to eat something. My son is pretty independent also but may need help with homework which is usually math. I may ask you to cook a simple meal such as macaroni and cheese or heat up a dinner already prepared. $150-$175 per week. During school vacations and when child is sick I will also need you 8am-6pm



June 2019 - August 2019 Hockessin, DE
“I enjoyed working at the children's home. I also liked working with the children through toys, games, coloring, and lunch.”


June 2019 - August 2019 Orinda, CA
“love working with kids”
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