Ayars & Ayars Incorporated

Management Intern

June - August 2018 • Lincoln, NE

What I liked

It was a great atmosphere to work in. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help you with anything. The dress code only requires that you pants of some sort and not shorts. You can wear and button-down and tie or just a regular T-shirt. The people I worked with were also good at making me figure out a solution instead of just handing it to me if I asked for help. Also, they have a digital clock-in system where you clock-in and out via an app on your phone. I liked this for the convenience of not having to worry about a weekly time card. They also don't have set work hours, meaning that as long as you work 40 hours each week you're good. They don't discourage overtime, but if you have everything done at the end of the week you can leave work early which is what most people tend to do.

What I wish was different

It seemed a little too relaxed at times and I wondered how much was actually getting done. Later it would seem like they were rushing to get things done since they had put them off earlier. I wish the work space was more open and personal instead of being divided into cubicles.


Any internship is good work experience even if it doesn't directly relate to your degree. You will learn a lot about what you expect of a job after college as well as the kind of work environment you would be most comfortable in.
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