About Axxelus

Axxelus is a leading force in the contract sales organization sector, offering unmatched commercialization services focused on deploying elite sales teams. Globally, we empower pharmaceutical and biotech companies by assembling these exceptional sales teams, primed to translate clinical and commercial insights into strategic actions for primary care and specialty physicians. Our passionate team, backed by state-of-the-art hiring technologies, sets the benchmark in the industry.

Our robust partnerships throughout the healthcare arena ensure therapies are presented effectively and persuasively. As your dedicated ally in the bio and pharma sectors, Axxelus continually challenges the status quo, aiming to elevate industry standards with every endeavor. Embracing both innovation and excellence, Axxelus' journey is a testament to redefining success. Join us in pioneering a healthier future.


Sales and Marketing Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 Austin, TX
“From the moment I started my internship at Axxelus, I was continuously impressed by the company’s proactive approach and commitment to excellence. Under the mentorship of Kristy Parker, the CEO and Founder, I witnessed firsthand the importance of going the "extra mile" for clients. Kristy’s ability to anticipate the needs of prospects and clients and address concerns even before they arise is truly remarkable. This forward-thinking and proactive stance not only sets Axxelus apart but has instilled in me the value of research, ensuring that no assumptions are made and that thorough understanding underpins every decision. This meticulous approach allows Axxelus to stand confidently in its unique offerings and pricing. The opportunity to dive deep into business, sales, and marketing sectors, especially biotech and pharmaceuticals, was invaluable. Additionally, the exposure to a myriad of software tools, from Google Workspace to Hubspot and Basecamp, has significantly broadened my technical skillset.”
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