Axis Dance Company

About Axis Dance Company

"AXIS Dance Company has become one of the world’s most acclaimed and innovative ensembles of performers with and without disabilities. Founded in 1987, they have paved the way for a powerful contemporary dance form called physically integrated dance. In 1997 Judith Smith led the company to new heights. Under her artistic direction, AXIS expanded from in-house choreographers to various commissions from outside the company.

Since then, their performances have won numerous awards and the Company has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad. AXIS also dramatically expanded its education and outreach programs creating Dance Access for Adults and Dance Access/KIDS!

Today, AXIS collaborates with world-class choreographers and composers to create completely new and innovative performances. Acclaimed by critics around the world, AXIS is the recipient of multiple awards and honors."


Director and Coordinator of Summer Activities; Intensive Instructor

January 2019 - July 2019 Durant, OK
“I loved the freedom that Meagan, the studio owner, offered, allowing me to be creative. There was great communication, even whenever I was across the country in the planning stages, between Meagan and me. Because of the trust between employer and employer, Meagan gave me the opportunity to really see what running a dance studio is like, which was very beneficial.”
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