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About Axiom Learning

Axiom Learning believes that our future is too important to leave to chance. We are an innovative, early stage company; a hub for smart, idealistic people transforming the future of learning by integrating science and evidence to develop the best tools to actualize each child. Our customized, 1-on-1 instruction is designed to empower students of various ages to find happiness and success in all aspects of their lives. We are growing rapidly and looking for the most passionate team members to join us to design and apply creative lesson plans in traditional and non-traditional subjects, while also supporting unique learners. Our instructors work on projects from increasing our efforts to reach more underprivileged communities to developing new Axiom branches and services.



July 2018 Los Altos, CA
“Axiom has a wonderful community and great training resources. They are definitely more than a run-of-the-mill tutoring firm because of their care for their employees and students.”
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