Aviron Pictures

Acquisitions Intern

June - August 2019 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

An incredibly inviting atmosphere was present, where I felt there was always room to be listened to and debate about the development and potential acquisition of script content - often that was in-depth if need be. I also feel that I was met with a level of understanding actually attuned to the way I work as a person, which is often rare. The work in and of itself - getting to read stories.

What I wish was different

I only wish I went to one active experience outside of the office, but that would honestly just be a bonus. I actually think the experience was beyond my original expectation, and it’s a bit difficult to think of any complaints...maybe I wish that I personally got more phone experience, but also I know that trust develops over time and I’ve got my own issues I need to improve in listening. So, maybe that even just shows me what I need to work on, and that leads me back to no complaints.


Be active, but really value having a say and what that means for movie theater audiences! And I say this because it’s easy to have an opinion more than understand how opinions from all over the world work when people begin to actually take to heart what you fight for - and then taking those opinions of others AND your own on what others DESERVE into consideration when choosing scripts! I think it’s just important to highlight that having a say is a huge role the film production company internships do give scarily easily, so make sure to take in how truly important the role actually, in fact, is.
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