About Avant-Youth

At Avant-Youth, we believe that knowledge is power. For years we have been disappointed in the mainstream media, more specifically with their lack of care in serving our society. Entertainment is clickbaity, news is misleading and information is often presented with a hidden agenda. Do we know what we need to know for a happy life? Is anything true these days?

These questions matter, and we care a lot about young people like ourselves that have struggled from a lack of answers.

We want to show how much we care about our communities, and that means sharing knowledge through any form we can think of, with the end result being a more powerful and fulfilled audience.


Social Media Manager

May 2019 - August 2019 Atlanta, GA
“I really enjoyed the group of people I worked with, they were extremely helpful when it came to helping me understand things I did not know. I was able to find what it is I like to do in the work field thanks to this internship. ”
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