There are many ways to be a leader, and we at Aurora School believe students should practice them all. Every day we give students the opportunity to work together side-by-side and learn from one another what it means to step up academically and socially. The world needs leaders who are as heart smart as they are head smart, and that’s precisely how Aurora graduates are described when they go on to the schools of their choice.
A leader in progressive education, Aurora School’s mission is to nurture children’s love of learning by cultivating academic excellence, emotional intelligence, and social engagement. Established in 1988, Aurora is an independent K-8 school that combines challenging academics, small multi-age classes, differentiated instruction, and a keen awareness of children’s social and emotional development. We strive to foster students’ development into self-aware, confident life-long learners and leaders who step up to advocate for themselves and others, throughout school, in our Oakland community, and in the world at large. Our talented staff provides a safe learning atmosphere that extends beyond the classroom to every aspect of the school. The result is that Aurora graduates have a strong and solid foundation for high school and beyond.


Gardening Instructor

June 2019 - August 2019 Oakland, CA
“I love working with children, and it's great to see them get excited about science!”
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