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About Aurora North America, LLC

The beginning of AURORA – In the early decades of the 1900s, in the city of Leipzig, Germany, Konrad G. Schulz first realized the potential desires for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning in mobile applications. The first milestone began with the installation of a small water heater in a Ford Model-A. This initial spark began the fires of innovation that would transform Aurora into a key player in the development and optimization of complete HVAC-Systems for a wide range of mobile vehicles and applications.

AURORA is a global manufacturer of specialized HVAC systems and components for a wide assortment of on and off road vehicles. AURORA is recognized for its innovative designs and broad product offering. From individual components; such as louvers, water valves, and blowers, to complex fully automatic temperature controlled HVAC systems, customers around the globe put their trust in AURORA for all their climate control needs.


Manufacturing Intern

June 2020 Grand Rapids, MI
“I received a lot of mentorship from my coworkers and was a lot of responsibility.”
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