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Auburn University has developed into one of the largest universities in the South, remaining in the educational forefront with its traditional blend of arts and applied science and changing with the needs of today while living with a respect for the traditions and spirit that are Auburn.


Camp Counselor

June 2023 - July 2023 Auburn, AL
“I highly enjoyed working with younger children! Each week was at a new location, so I got the opportunity to network and meet amazing people. My coworkers made the experience a summer to remember.”

Undergraduate research

February 2022 Auburn, AL
“I enjoy the diversity of the position”
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Questions & Answers

Have any of you been a graduate research assistant at Auburn University? Care to share any advice for the interview process?

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Walk me through what it is like to be a graduate research assistant at Auburn University!

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If I were to take on the role of a football videographer for Auburn University, what can I expect from my daily schedule?

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