Atlantic Aviation

Line Service Technician

July 2019 • Farmingdale, NY

What I liked

The job was very interesting, I worked around moving aircraft all the time, I served the pilots and passengers for the aircraft that arrived or departed from the airport. For the first half of the year I worked on the morning shift, however the second half I switched over to the overnight shift. the overnight shift was a unique experience, and one that I am glad I had. The people were very nice, and the shift supervisors and managers were very friendly, and my coworkers felt like a family.

What I wish was different

I wish that I was not the only employee on site on the overnight shifts. While the overnight shifts were mainly calm and not incredibly busy, since I was the only worker at the airport I was responsible for everything that any client might need, so on a occasional busy night, it would turn out to be non-stop.


Be open to people training you, be patient some equipment takes time to learn how to handle safely. Be firm with yourself and don't be afraid to talk to your managers if there is an issue, they are there to help you not hurt you (besides they have to anyways its their job). Remember to enjoy your work, the people are friendly, and everyone can get along well.
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