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About Athari Group

We take future nonprofit founders through a first-of-its-kind accelerator for idea-stage nonprofits. Leaders in our program receive world-class mentorship and networking opportunities with nonprofit founders, workshops from root cause analysis to board development to advanced fundraising, and the experience of learning alongside a group of peers. For those accepted, the program is free.

Why: The marketplace of ideas has a support gap: a great business or social enterprise can get funded at the idea stage, but nonprofits are typically not funded before they get off the ground. Individuals with great ideas often lack the requisite knowledge, fundraising capacity, support, and network to start a successful organization. Athari Group bridges that gap and supports those who strive to be in service to a cause greater than themselves.


Literate Earth Ambassador

May 2018 - July 2018 Kampala, Uganda
“Working with the teachers and students to improve their literacy skills, to inculcate a reading culture and to build a bridge between the library and class. I also like the fact that I organized competitive activities like debate, essay writing, reading, story writing, and poems with the purpose engaging children inside the library, to build TEAM spirit, and leadership skills. I was also delighted to attend one of the Literate Earth Project (LEP) library openings at a primary school called Ssanje. It was a privilege for me to see the school shift from a no library to a library. LEP had impacted this students life by making literature accessible, the students can have access to literature either it is for pleasure or academically. ”
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