How much support can I expect from upper management, while at AT&T?

Upper management are typically prior Sales Representatives as well, so they will give you tips on how to better effectively communicate with customers and offer personalized solutions.
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For professionals who started working at AT&T right after graduation: Is this a good corporation to start a career?

If you are planning on joining AT&T, I would suggest trying to get into a different role than retail if you want career advancement. One of my coworkers (who was very good at his job) had been in the same role for 8 years. If you are still in college, this is a great job to have because of the ...
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How's the quality of AT&T's mentorship program?

They provide training on their products / service and how to sell them. From my experience, mentorship from your in store manager is based around role playing during down time, and brainstorming strategies on how to sell specific products when you aren't reaching your goals. Personally, my mana...
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What attributes should I highlight in an interview for a Retail Sales Consultant position at AT&T?

In my interview for this position, I highlighted my previous sales experience: that I had successfully generated leads, pitched/presented to 80 potential clients, and had experience closing multi-thousand dollar deals before.
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Does AT&T uphold their values as a company?

AT&T is the best company I have worked for so far. They uphold their company values by not only motivating their reps to sell in a way where it doesn’t make us feel as if that’s the only reason we are there but also by giving each customer the experience and loyalty they deserve.
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How is the company culture at AT&T?

The culture is very open and diverse. They care a lot about employee safety and well being. They give you a lot of opportunities to grow in the company, if that’s what you want, and they offer a lot to help you get involved in the community, donating to charity/cause or whatever you are intereste...
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How much does a Sales Rep make at AT&T?

Hourly wages begin at anywhere between $10 - $15 with monthly commission ranging widely dependent on how successful one is in sales. Between $500 - $1500 in commission is a fair expectation.
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What is the typical compensation for a Sales Consultant at AT&T?

Not only do I love working for AT&T because of the atmosphere but the compensation is amazing! At least for a 19 year old, a college student, this is one of the best jobs you can have. The compensation includes hourly plus commission, your own work phone, a raise every six months, paid vacation, ...
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What skills do I need as a U-Verse Tech?

Technical and mechanical skills are very useful. Technicians use tools extensively, although technicians have time to learn much of these skills while training.The best technicians are great at customer relations and customer service.
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What is the expected compensation for a Software Development Intern at AT&T?

Since I'm a returning intern, my compensation is higher than that of a new intern. From what I'm aware of, the new interns are making around $22-$23.
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What's it like being a Product Management Intern at AT&T?

Day to Day looked different every day as a project management intern. I never really did the same thing twice. I usually walked into the office at my start time and used the first hour to catch up on emails, check my calendar, and check in with my supervisor on what was expected of me today. Duri...
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What skills should I possess to be an intern at AT&T's entertainment technology department?

Communication skills is key. You have to interact with individuals from all ages and backgrounds. You have to understand from the consumer point of view. And also having organizational skills is key. There are documents, records, power points, spreadsheets, and many more that you need to create ...
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What kind of work-life balance is there for an intern in the Entertainment Group at AT&T?

You can easily have a work-life balance while working there are an intern based on the decisions you make. If you plan ahead of time such as transportation, breakfast/lunch, or anything that requires you to invest a lot of time into then you will be able to have a balanced job. However, you also ...
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How can I turn my Entertainment Group internship into a full-time offer at AT&T?

Best way to get a full-time is give it your all during the internship. Show your geninue interest in the role. Show your dedication. Create a great relationship with your manager. Show them you're worth and why they should hire you. There's no "how-to guide" to do these things. It comes natural i...
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What sort of skills should I have as a Software Development Intern at AT&T?

Ideally, good programming skills are needed, as well as the ability to adapt and contribute meaningfully to whatever team you work with. Building relationships with the full time employees is also a skill I'd say benefits a software development intern. I'd also say it's important for an intern to...
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How is the work life balance as Customer Service at AT&T?

You can expect to balance work and life fairly simply. I will state I normally work just 20 hours a week. But with the workplace the way it is there is some time to do your homework or read your textbook in between calls. I normally pick up shifts due to the fact that it will stop me from procras...
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How can I succeed at AT&T?

You need to be hard working and wanting to learn new things in order to succeed at AT&T. AT&T is a great company but it is also changing constantly, you need to be open to change and learning everything about the business in order to succeed.
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What is the typical compensation for a U-Verse Technician at AT&T?

Technician pay scales get renegotiated every couple years, so it has likely already changed since I left. I believe the pay was $13/hr to start, probably $16 with a college degree, and it capped out in the high $20s.
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What is the compensation for a Customer Support Agent at AT&T?

Depending on the contract company that you work with, anywhere from $12-$15 is the rate at the Wi-Fi call center. Do you research and see which company is offering the best price! Pinnacle is great, Irvine Tech paid the lowest at $12; however, it also depends on demand for jobs that need to be fi...
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How much work ownership vs. teamwork should I expect as a Customer Support Agent at AT&T?

There is 100% ownership of work at AT&T; all calls are recorded and computers monitored, including the programs that are used are only accessible by logging in with credentials that are assigned to you and only you. There isn't collaborative work at all.
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