Assured Information Security

About Assured Information Security

AIS develops future technologies to support operations in & across the cyber domain. Our research & development in computer science and computer engineering support military information operations. AIS conducts research & development in computer security, network operations, man/machine interactions, surveillance & monitoring, and wireless systems. We need programmers for C/C++, Assembly, Java, Kernel, network programming, math and statistical modeling, embedded systems, reverse engineering, and formal analysis.

Since its conception, AIS has transitioned more than 100 software tools and applications to national-level customers through formal processes.

We are about intense work and intense play and seek out those who love the kind of work we do, are good at it, and are passionate about being the best at it!

If you have a technical degree and enjoy creating solutions to the nation's most challenging cyber-security problems, consider joining AIS. We need those of you who are researchers and have skills with C/C++, Assembly, Java, Kernel programmers, driver development, network programming, defense and intelligence community applications, mathematical and statistical modeling, embedded systems, reverse engineering, and formal analysis.

AIS strives for excellence in creating & defending cyberspace, letting clients, customers and the nation's citizens operate safely and confidently. Enjoy Programming? Look us up! We Live Boldly. We Make It Happen.

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AIS is an Equal Opportunity Employer, but we are limited to hiring only US Citizens.


Cyber Warrior

May 2019 - August 2019 Rome, NY
“The invaluable cyber security lessons and tradecraft skills which are useful for students of all levels.”

Information Security Intern

May 2019 Rome, NY
“Great culture and interesting work”
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