About Asmbl

Asmbl is a non-profit social media platform for activists to create and share educational resources, events, petitions, and fundraisers—free of advertisements and mechanisms of validation.

Our platform initiates authentic online relationships, allowing users to connect over shared causes. By excluding a “like” count on posts and promoting a network of activists rather than a following/followers format, Asmbl keeps the focus on what matters. It pioneers direct correspondence between organizations and activists, giving users access to verified news without the bias of middlemen.

Our purpose is to amplify unheard voices and spark change by creating a new landscape for online activism that is focused on people, not profit. We envision Asmbl as the hub for campus activism, connecting students to organize around shared passions and challenge injustices as a united front.
By centralizing all the best features of current social networks, Asmbl transforms any user into an activist.


Co-Head of Beta Strategy and Operations

March 2021 - September 2021 Los Angeles, CA
“Great startup experience”
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