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About Asia Tech Source

Asia Tech Source (ATS) is an engineered parts and finished goods sourcing and manufacturing company that has been helping clients manufacture goods in Taiwan and China for over 28 years – boosting profits and reducing costs.

ATS has unlocked the mysteries of foreign cultures, languages, time zone differences, and local trade customs, creating significant manufacturing savings over domestically produced goods – while maintaining or improving delivery expectations. ATS handles all the logistics such as finding the right factory, negotiating prices, overseeing the tooling and factory production, and performing a rigorous U.S. Military Standard 105E inspection before goods are released from the factory. Customers pay nothing until the product is on board the ocean vessel or airplane after it has been inspected, approved and processed through overseas customs.

The critical difference between Asia Tech Source and other trading companies or importers is its on-site attention to every detail of quality in engineered designs, first prototypes, first off-tool samples, pilot production runs, and on-going production orders. When the end customer receives and unpacks their shipment, there will not be surprises from sudden changes in the appearance, form, fit, or function of the parts in the production order vs. the last approved sample units. Shipments are guaranteed and backed by Asia Tech Source’s many years of experience shipping tens of thousands of containers of quality tools and hardware to businesses in North America, Europe and the U.K., Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Our track record on customer complaints is 0.12% of total containers shipped.


Quality Assurance Engineer Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Changzhou, Jiangsu
“I have enjoyed this internship as I learned a lot from a variety of tasks that I have done here. From engineering to human resources, this internship provided a wide range of learning opportunities for me. Although it was a little challenging to blend in the environment here since I was unfamiliar with the company culture and I was completely new to this industry, I kept self-studying about the organizational chart and reading about the company’s developmental history. The challenges I had here helped me jump out of my comfort zone and become a better learner. I have also been inspired by how dedicated my coworkers are as time went by. ”


May 2018 - July 2018 Shanghai, China
“The best part of this internship was that I was able to visit the local factories in China, which manufactured various hand tools. I got a chance to experience the origin of "Made-in-China", talk to the manufactures, and learn from employees of Asia Tech Source. ”
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